Uber/Lyft Insurance, Charlotte, NC

If you’re a rideshare driver, our team members will make sure you’re getting the insurance coverage you need.

For many drivers, ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft offer opportunities to earn extra cash on the side, or can even be the basis for a full-time occupation. However, in their eagerness to get started in their new venture, many new rideshare drivers forget something crucial: insurance. While Uber and Lyft offer some insurance coverage to their drivers, that insurance is limited in scope and it can be difficult to know when it applies or not. At Curtis Helms Insurance, we offer more comprehensive Uber/Lyft insurance plans to protect you and your vehicle in the event that you experience an accident while on the clock.

Uber/Lyft Insurance in Charlotte, North Carolina

When discussing Uber/Lyft insurance, insurers typically divide your driving time into three periods. Period 1 refers to the time you spend driving with your rideshare app open while you look for riders to pick up. During Period 1, Uber and Lyft’s liability limits are relatively low, and comprehensive and collision coverage are non-existent. Period 2 begins once you are matched with a rider and proceed to their location to pick them up. Period 3 begins when your rider enters the car and ends as soon as they leave. In Periods 2 and 3, your liability should be pretty well covered, but Uber and Lyft’s official collision and comprehensive coverage policies are more complicated. Our team at Curtis Helms Insurance has the necessary experience to help you navigate the intricacies of multiple insurance policies to get you the best possible outcome for your claim.

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