2 Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Might Cover

When you own a home, you get homeowners insurance in the case of a pipe bursting and flooding the basement or in case an errant baseball smashes through one of your windows, but there are other things that your homeowners insurance will cover as well. If you have a homeowners insurance policy, you might be surprised to learn about these things that are often covered.

 homeowners insurance policy might be ready to cover you

  • Sky Debris. While the sky is not likely falling, your homeowners insurance policy might be ready to cover you if it does! Objects that fall from the sky, including objects like meteorites, satellite debris, and other objects are often covered under what is known as “open peril” sections of your policy.
  • Food Gone Bad. If your power goes out, it is often an inconvenience. However, if the power goes out and all the food in your fridge or freezer spoils because of it, the cost of the food can be claimed on your homeowners insurance policy in many cases.

If you are wondering what is covered and not covered by your homeowners policy, we here at Curtis Helms Insurance suggest that you go over it carefully with your insurance company. To learn more about these policies, please give us a call today!