Car vs. Truck Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Here at Curtis Helms Insurance, we want to help all of our customers get the insurance coverage they need, and we offer a range of different policies to help you do that. For instance, when it comes to auto insurance, we offer not just standard car insurance, but also motorcycle and truck insurance. In our experience, there tends to be some confusion on what makes car and truck insurance different from each other, so in this article we’ll go over some key distinctions to help clear the matter up.

Car vs. Truck Insurance: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between car and truck insurance, and the main sticking point for most drivers, is that trucks cost more to insure. While higher prices are always frustrating, there are good reasons for this difference, which we at Curtis Helms Insurance will explain below.

  • Size- One reason for the higher cost of truck insurance is that trucks are larger than cars. Their greater size makes them more likely to do serious damage to other vehicles and the people inside them during an accident, and they thus present a higher risk to insurers.
  • Weight Distribution- In addition to being larger than cars, trucks also have a different weight distribution–specifically, they have a higher center of gravity, which means that they are harder to stabilize during evasive maneuvers. What this comes down to is that trucks are more likely to flip, meaning that insurers see them as a greater risk.
  • Repair Costs- Lastly, trucks tend to be more expensive to repair than cars. While this is naturally a big reason why you’d want insurance coverage, it also gives the insurer a good reason to charge a higher premium.

Fortunately, our team at Curtis Helms Insurance is here to help you find truck insurance that gives you the protection you need for a price you can afford.