Posted by Insurance Specialist March 16th, 2022

Chris explained everything in terms I could understand. He was fast and efficient and wonderful to work with.

- Lucianna G.

I have been using Curtis Helms Insurance for many years. I chose Curtis Helms Insurance based on the fact that every individual I’ve spoken with is very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, well-versed in the different types of policies available, and ready to serve my needs, no matter what they are or how difficult the situation may be. They have always gone above and beyond to help me, and I have always gotten everything I’ve needed. The level of service provided by every one of the insurance professionals at this agency is unsurpassed.

What I like most about Curtis Helms Insurance is the fact that the agency has a very wide variety of carriers that they work with, and they will work diligently and tirelessly to find the best policy for you in a very expedient manner. I would recommend Curtis Helms Insurance because they have many years of experience under their belt, a powerhouse of knowledge, and a vast database of insurance providers to choose from that can be tailored to your needs and requirements technically and financially.

- Ginger Z.

I loved the customer service I received!

- Sahyanna P.

I recommend everyone check out Curtis Helms Insurance. They are wonderful people and do a very good job.

- Charles H.

Chris Helms Insurance has always been very professional and courteous and thorough when getting my wife and I insurance.

- Anonymous

Communication was great. They listened to me.

- Talana S.

Everything is great and organized with Curtis Helms Insurance.

- Chavis M.

Everyone at Curtis Helms Insurance is extremely professional and handles business quickly! I have worked with them for many years and can’t see myself selecting another agency ever! They treat you like family and are always so personable. I highly recommend this agency.

- Lakeisha M.

I liked the customer service and the attention to detail on my new insurance policy.

- Dania P.

Always there to help and very understanding.

- Parris R.

Quick service. And very affordable prices. I love it.

- Coy D.

Great, fast, and honest customer service. They helped me out and answered all questions I possibly had. Amazing helping attitude. Kyle was lovely.

- Kenya B.

I liked your expertise and the way in which you knew how to process the paperwork.

- Cory A.

They are very quick and nice. Never have I had any problems out of them.

- Linda C.

The customer service is great their always really nice and helps me with whatever I need. The low prices

- Makiyaah M.

Quick and over the phone service.

- Michelle J.

Got a fast quote for a decent price. And nice customer service!!

- Ayoub R.

They’re always accurate and handle me with care and concern. Very friendly and professional.

- Sirtira

Good communication and I got the lowest rate.

- Caprice H.

I love everything about the whole company and the people who work there. They take great pride in what they do and making the customers happy.

- Charles H.

Friendly customer service.

- Karah M.

I’ve been a client for almost 10 years. I can always count on them to help me find the best insurance.

- Kagney C.

Great people and customer service.

- Donnel H.

Convenient. Great service.

- Talvi M.

The Curtis Helms Insurance staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.

- Trimika C.

I’m very pleased. Quick and affordable rates

- Brooke S.

I love this agency. Never had any problems!

- Sandra H.

Patient, courteous, and understanding.

- Mario

They are very friendly and companionate. I’ve been with them for over 10 years now, and I wouldn’t change to another company. They are great!!

- LaSheena H.

Nice and reasonable.

- Antoine

Great customer service!

- Maggie F.

Very friendly!

- Giorgio G.

Great response time and communication.

- Lawrence A.

Great customer service.

- LaTraez M.

Always good customer service

- Edward S.

You guys are really helpful. It puts me at peace that you take pride in helping others. I wouldn’t change a thing.

- Anonymous

Quick, easy, friendly. Service is awesome.

- Erica B.

Love the customer service. Representatives are knowledgeable about policies and will help you find what you are looking for.

- Lanise H.

Very friendly and great customer service

- Trenice G.

Curtis always takes the time to work with me on a personal level

- Pao Y.

Very friendly.

- Brian G.

You have great customer service with customers when they come in. I always felt at home. Thanks for being there, Stay safe and be blessed, Much love.

- Gloria C.

Very easy and affordable

- RJ W.

Greg provides very clear instructions and prompt service.

- Jamison M.

Everything is great.

- Arthur G.

Y’all gave me a good quote and also can help me if I need anything.

- Calandra L.

Great customer service.

- Ashli H.

I love this company. I have been using them on and off over 10 years. They are like family.

- SyBrenna H.

They have been great the whole time I have received service from the time I walked in. I have been doing business with them for over a year.

- Tyeisha W.

Fast service, great price, and great customer service.

- Takilla C.

Everyone is very sweet, and you can tell they really care about us.

- Tationa G.

Overall experience was great. I would highly recommend Curtis Helms Insurance.

- Tykemia C.

Family with a smile, whether you are in the office or on the phone. Also the personal interest they had conering me and my family. Knew me each time I called and handle it expeditiously. Thank you family.

- Victoria B.

They will do anything to help their customers. My agent for 14 years or more.

- Chantal O.

Great customer service and very helpful team.

- Jarmon F.

They took their time to explain everything to me and were very nice. Everyone at the office is lovely. I’ve been there several times and been with them for about 8 years. They never disappoint.

- Margaret O.

Very nice, understanding, caring, trustworthy staff.

- Chakela B.

The best insurance agency I have ever known. The staff is friendly.

- Faustina F.

Every time I have a problem, they are always willing to help.

- Adrianna A.

Greg is always nice and willing to help every time I talk with him. I have been doing business with this agency for over 10 years, and it has been awesome.

- Latonya R.

Everyone always treats me like family.

- Duane P.

Great communication and prices.

- Annanette S.

Greg was very helpful. Very kind and very professional. I’m looking forward to continuing business with Curtis Helms Insurance.

- Michael D.

Fast and friendly customer service.

- Ashli H.

Everything was easy and informative.

- Mashya

I like everything about my insurance.

- Marquis M.

The team has been very helpful since I’ve first starting doing business with them.

- Mark H.

I know everyone will work hard to help and always steer you in the right direction. I’ve been telling my friends about Curtis Helms Insurance for years!

- Antwanett W.

He did everything and beyond to get me the best rate possible.

- Sakiquioa D.

Very helpful and good communication.

- Estefany G.

I’ve been with them for 20+ years, and they are like family.

- Rebecca R.

Great. Hassle-free and a quick process.

- Peggy S.

Very personable and knowledgeable. I Love everyone at Curtis Helms Insurance. The staff is always very helpful and consistent! Best agency in Charlotte, NC.

- LaShanda K.

I’m just cool with the way I’m being treated by the company staff.

-Taofik A.

More like family always willing to answer questions and help you out with anything you need to understand.

- LaChelle B.

Great family-oriented insurance agency. They also take good care of the clients like they are family also. They are the best at what they do.

- Robyn J.

This company is great. They have always been in my corner.

- Veejay

You guys are always awesome! You always help me with any questions I have and always smile! I love you guys!

- Magdalena P.

Every single time I need something, you guys are there for me. No hesitations and full of knowledge.

- Brandy R.

I loved the representatives! Service is quick, and rates are cheap. All representatives are knowledgeable about plans.

- Lanise H.

You guys were a lifesaver and found me the cheapest quote after I got in my vehicle accident.

- Anonymous

Great experience. Fast and professional.

- Mario H.

I always love when I call or go up there

- Caprice S.

Great service!!

- April S.

Fast and easy.

- Dayshon L.

Friendly and prompt attention to all my insurance needs.

- Shanika

Always very responsive and very attentive to specific needs! Always will find the absolute best policy for the lowest rates.

- Ginger A.

They are family oriented. They are so friendly and nice to everyone. Very pleased.

- Sybil J.

Very courteous and customer-oriented.

- Latoya T.

Great communication and attentiveness. Extremely helpful and prompt.Keep up the good work!

- Courtney M.

They treat everyone like family.

- Travis A.

We always get excellent customer service from Chris and his coworkers – Wouldn’t change a thing

- Kerry F.

Customer service was absolutely amazing!!

- Anonymous

Very professional.

- Tyesha F.

Great people.

- Delcovia G.

Mr. Kyle and Mr. Chris are the best!!

- Daquadis

Very helpful

- Justin P.

Courteous and professional.

- David S.

It was fast and efficient. I appreciate the customer service and ease of buying insurance over the phone. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking.

- MoNique F.

Amazing process.

- Ja Von H.

Great customer service and support.

- Snow S.

The Curtis Helms Insurance agency always goes above and betting in getting the best rates based on needs. They are extremely nice and professional!

- Mia B.

I love how helpful and friendly everyone is when I call up.

- Deanna A.

Y’all always nice and make sure what’s best for me and make sure it’s a great price.

- Shawanna W.

I love the family and the personal touch given by all.

- Judith S.

Great customer service. I have been a customer since 2001.

- Luis L.

Great customer service, and always prompt and friendly!

- Lisa H.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

- Leekpalay K.

Company is very professional with call back, always call back when they say, they are going to call back.

- Ruth Lena D.

Excellent customer service and extremely helpful.

- Marquita F.

I like the customer service and extra efforts to keep clients safe and secured.

- Ashley H.

Curtis Helms Insurance is always willing to help with whatever I need.

- CheRika R.

I loved how quick and efficient Mr. Helms’ staff responded back to me and found me a quote that fit my needs.

- Kayland

It was fast and easy to set up my insurance, and it’s affordable.

- Selbin B.

Greg has experienced customer service and was able to find me affordable insurance. Any representative at Curtis Helms Insurance is very polite and helpful.

- Alexus Y.

I have a great experience every time I deal with Curtis Helms Insurance.

- Felicia M.

My family and I have been doing business with Curtis Helms Insurance for over 10 years. They are the best for finding great rates and providing friendly and efficient services. They not only consider you a valuable customer—they treat you like family!

- Nissa L.

Simple and convenient. Very straightforward.

- Jeremy B.

Chris is quick and efficient. Betty is super sweet and helpful. Great team. They’re not new to customer service for sure. Thanks, guys!

- Charlotte L.

Very friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help others. They really care about their customers.

- Chakela B.

Great communication, fast service.

- Tiffany L.

I like the good rates that y’all have to offer. And y’all have good customer service.

- Calandra L.

I like the ability to find a great deal.

- Christopher H.

They told me everything I needed to know.

- Jameela H.

Chris was amazing!!! He did not take up any more of my time than needed! He knew exactly what I wanted, and I really altogether had a great experience getting things started and finalized with him! Less than 20 minutes!!

- China

Everyone is always very helpful, and they take care of the things that need to be done pretty quick.

- Fabiola H.

All agents are professional and provide great customer service to each of their customers.

- Demika W.

The experience was very professional and personable.

- Yolanda W.

Loving and feel like family. They will help you.

- Chantal

Helpful in getting right policy for current needs. Quick & timely responses. Friendly, reliable, caring, supportive, and honest.

- Karan M.

The company is affordable. Great customer service. All services are through call, online and in person.

- Alhassane C.

They are always willing to work with the customers.

- Atoya B.

I’m always a little late, but they are patient. I send my friends here a lot. Great company. The sales people are awesome.

- Brandis M.

Great quote and speedy service.

- Jashia C.

Thorough. Quick Service. Transparent.

- Jarrod M.

Everything is fast and easy.

- Esmeralda F.

Very helpful.

- Tyra G.

Curtis Helms found me the cheapest insurance!

- Yousuf A.

You guys always find a way to assist me with the best prices I have ever seen.You guys are amazing. I love this company.

- Kathryn J.

Amazing customer service. Very fast and reliable.Keep doing what y’all doing.

- Anonymous

Quick response.

- Tiffany

Good quotes

- Jamal R.

Kyle has helped me on two different occasions, and the service is always the same each time. Professional, friendly and understanding is what I call the type of service I receive every time

- Darius D.

They’re always nice and get the job done

- Gazminn G.

Every experience is always awesome. I recommend Curtis Helms Insurance.

- Nikita A.

You guys are always prompt and professional .

- Shareka H.

It was easy.

- Jhosselin C.

Great customer service.

- Snow S.

I appreciate their knowledge of the insurance industry, team work, patience, and great attitude. My visits to their office are always pleasant.

- Anthony P.

Affordable, reliable and great customer service

- Terrence H.

Very friendly people and very helpful.

- Juan

Quick and easy service.

- Anna R.

They are experienced and knowledgeable.

- Herbert W.

Keep up the good work.

- Domenic I.

Even though I received Insurance about 3-4 months ago and let it lapse, they still strived to find the perfect price for me and were very patient with me. And they treated me with respect, which is always a number 1 goal for customer service.

- Laquisha T

Nice and made the process easy.

- Krystal H.

Great customer service and very helpful team.

- Jarmon F.

They will do anything to help their customers. My agent for 14 years or more.

- Chantal O.

Things are handled in a timely fashion, and everyone I’ve spoken to has been welcoming and friendly.

- Willie A.

It was quick and easy! Really nice guy!

- Lamakkah B.

Great customer service and response time. He is also knowledgeable of his craft, unlike the previous brokers I have used.

- Unknown

Friendly and professional.

- Tashana W.