What is High-Risk Auto Insurance, and What are its Benefits After a DUI?

There are some mistakes that we make in life that can have an impact on us for a very long time. Getting a citation for DUI (driving under the influence) is one of those situations. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a prescription or illegal drug is incredibly risky, and if the only outcome was a DUI conviction, you might want to consider yourself lucky, as there are far worse consequences.

high-risk auto insurance is the solution

One of the challenges you will face once you have resolved the matter with the court and still have your drivers license is dealing with your auto insurance company. There is a good chance that you will face far higher premiums, assuming they do not cancel you completely. If the latter occurs, you’ll need to seek out a company that offers high-risk auto insurance, as this may be the only car insurance after a DUI conviction that you qualify for.

It might seem unreasonable to have to go the route of high-risk auto insurance if you did not have an accident or file a claim on your car insurance policy, but insurers look at someone with a DUI with much caution, as it suggests a risky driving history that makes it more likely you will have a serious claim in the future. Premiums are always based on risk factors, hence why young drivers and owners of luxury vehicles and vehicles prone to be stolen pay more, and certain areas result in higher premiums. It stands to reason that if you’ve gotten a DUI, you pose more risk, and the insurance company must account for that in their premium. The good news is that, in most cases, high-risk auto insurance is the solution so that you can continue to drive for work and leisure, which is certainly better than the alternative.

Here at Curtis Helms Insurance, we have solutions for those seeking car insurance after DUI convictions. With several high-risk auto insurance options, we can find the most favorable terms for your situation and then transition you into a standard policy once you are eligible. We don’t believe one indiscretion should keep you from getting to work or doing the things you need and want to do, so call on us and we’ll see what we can do to get your car insurance needs covered.