What Commercial Insurance Does Your Business Need?

There are so many types of commercial insurance that if you got them all, you could find a major portion of your profits being spent just on insurance, but you also know that suffering a loss could be the major setback that closes your doors forever. So, what do you do? Here are the steps to take that will help answer that question.
we are happy to discuss commercial insurance with you

  1. Talk with a commercial insurance professional. A consultation for them to get to know what your business is about and for them to tell you about the various coverages and their costs is the first step to deciding which you must have, those you should have, and any that are especially important for your situation.
  2. Consider which situations you could weather without coverage and which you couldn’t. In essence, weigh your risk and your risk tolerance.
  3. Learn about the commercial insurance coverages you are required to have and those you are exempt from. It isn’t worth the risk to forego something that will result in fines or other problems.
  4. Be sure you know about all the available coverages and determine the policy amounts and deductibles that make the most sense for your situation.

Here at Curtis Helms Insurance, we are happy to discuss commercial insurance with you, so you can be protected from risks that could undermine the success of your business. We provide personalized, attentive services, so you can be assured you have the right types of policies and the best coverage amounts and have taken advantage of any discounts available to get the most affordable policy. Call us today to schedule a consultation to review your current coverage and make any changes that might be needed.