Before You File a Home Insurance Claim: How to Compile a Home Inventory

If your home sustains serious damage in a covered event like a fire or windstorm, one of the steps you’ll take is filing a home insurance claim. During this process, one of the things your home insurance provider will probably want from you is a copy of your home inventory.

Before You File a Home Insurance Claim: How to Compile a Home Inventory

A home inventory is a comprehensive listing of everything you own, from jewelry and clothing to electronics. Your inventory can include photos, receipts, and other information about the belongings you keep inside your home.

Most homeowners don’t keep an updated home inventory, which makes it harder to create a list of covered belongings following a disaster. This is why we strongly recommend creating a home inventory and updating it regularly before you ever need to file a home insurance claim.

We suggest going from room to room in your house and creating a list of your belongings. In addition to this list, don’t forget to add receipts, take photos, and collect any other documentation that can prove ownership. Once you finish your inventory, keep it in a safe place. For example, a fire-proof safe is a good spot. You should also make an electronic copy of this documentation and ask a friend or family member to keep one in their possession, too.

On top of a complete home inventory, you also need reliable home insurance to make a full recovery after disaster strikes. To look into different home insurance options and find a policy that works for you and your home, reach out to us at Curtis Helms Insurance today.