Why Uber/Lyft Insurance is Essential for Rideshare Drivers

As rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft continue to grow, more and more drivers are turning to them as a way to make money. Whether you are participating in a rideshare program as a way to supplement your income or as a full-time commitment, you need rideshare insurance. We here at Curtis Helms Insurance want to help you protect yourself in the event of an accident, and in this article, we’ll go over three reasons why Uber/Lyft insurance is essential to let you do that.

We offer comprehensive Uber/Lyft insurance to keep you on the road

First of all, many personal insurers are unlikely to cover you in the event of an accident that occurs during a rideshare job—or they may even cancel your policy if they find out you haven’t disclosed that you drive your car for money. Here at Curtis Helms Insurance, we offer more comprehensive Uber/Lift insurance, but there are still some particularities about this type of coverage that you need to understand. Most insurers divide rideshare coverage into distinct periods or phases, each with different amounts of coverage.

Period 0 refers to the period when your app is off, and you are not waiting for any passengers. Your personal policy covers you during this time. Period 1 starts when you turn on the app and wait for a ride request, and a policy without Uber/Lyft insurance will not cover you during this time. In Period 2, you are on your way to your passenger, and period 3 begins when they get in your vehicle. During these last periods, the app’s company insurance policy applies.

If you drive for a rideshare program, we at Curtis Helms Insurance encourage you to seek out rideshare insurance as soon as possible so that you have maximum protection in the event of an accident on the job. We offer comprehensive Uber/Lyft insurance to keep you on the road.