How to Find the Lowest DUI Car Insurance

best rates for high-risk car insurance
It can be a rude awakening to find out that not only must you go through a bunch of hoops to avoid losing your license after a DUI conviction, but also that your car insurance premium is going through the roof. It is not uncommon to see increases anywhere from 80% (national average) to as much as a 300+% increase in some states. Here are a few feasible, and not-so-feasible, options for finding the lowest DUI car insurance premiums.

  • Relocate- If you aren’t enchanted with the state you live in and don’t have any major roots put down, it might be worth looking at DUI car insurance rates in other states if you live in one where it goes up a great deal. Some states involve increases under 50%, although you should also look at what their average rates are to begin with. Of course, you should also look at cost of living in other areas, as you could go from the frying pan into the fire with your overall budget.
  • Specialized Insurance Broker- An insurance broker that works with a wide selection of insurance companies is in the position to “shop the market” for you and save you the hassle of calling each one yourself in the hopes you’ll find the lowest DUI car insurance. In addition, they have the experience to know upfront who has the best rates for high-risk car insurance.
  • Consider Other Options- Sometimes the best thing you can do is sell your vehicle and maintain non-owner coverage so you don’t have a lapse of coverage while you are waiting the period of time to be eligible again for standard coverage. This type of policy provides coverage if you borrow someone’s vehicle, although their insurance serves as the primary coverage. Some policies also cover rental cars.

If you would like to know what your options are for DUI car insurance, give us a call at Curtis Helms Insurance. We work with a ton of car insurance companies and can almost always come up with a solution for your car insurance needs. While North Carolina does rank as one of the highest in terms of car insurance rates and DUI car insurance increases, we’ll do everything we can to get you the best possible solution.