How to Find Auto Insurance with a Less-than-Perfect Driving Record

Anything from poor choices to a string of bad luck can get your auto insurance company a bit riled up and gain you the classification of being a bad driver. Each claim on your policy will likely result in an increase to your premium, and too many of them will usually result in being cancelled. So, what are you to do? You still need auto insurance to keep your lender happy, avoid losing your driver’s license or being unable to register your vehicle, and be able to get to work and run errands.

auto insurance to keep your lender happy

It might surprise you but there is auto insurance for bad drivers. It is referred to as high-risk auto insurance, and although it is most assuredly more expensive, it is better than having to sell your vehicle and hire an Uber, Lyft, or taxi for everywhere you need to go. The good news is that if you can establish a clean driving record going forward, you can transition back to a standard policy down the road.

If you are in the situation of looking for auto insurance for bad drivers, know that our team here at Curtis Helms Insurance wants to help you. We work with a ton of auto insurance providers, including those that offer high-risk auto insurance. Whether you have had multiple accidents, traffic tickets, or even a DUI, we’ll go to bat for you to find the most favorable terms possible. We can also discuss ways to get a discount on your auto insurance, such as bundling your coverage with other types of insurance. Call today to learn more and discuss what can be done to keep you sufficiently insured.